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Designing Your Life Crafting a Path to Living Life on Your Own Terms

How to lead a life that you define?

The ability to make decisions is one of our greatest privileges. It’s crucial that we consider all of the freedoms we currently enjoy in comparison to previous generations of women while learning how to live life on our own terms. It’s not always simple, though.

Recognizing our good fortune

Even in the modern world, discrimination, inequality, and enormous power disparities are extremely real. Yet there are many decisions we can make the generations before us would have found inconceivable.

The majority of us are incredibly lucky to also have options. You’re in a better position than millions of people throughout the world if you’ve received an education, have access to clean water and healthcare, and can make basic decisions about money, and marriage.

Why then do we eventually feel trapped?

Being grateful for your luck is one thing. Then there is the everyday grind: bills to pay, kids to manage, relationships to manage, and jobs to complete.

Undoubtedly, we may enjoy greater independence than a vast majority of people throughout history. But it’s also perfectly normal to feel as though you have little control over the pressures being placed on you at this particular moment.

We frequently feel helpless when…

We are in “victim” mode, which makes us feel powerless and as though there is nothing we can do to alter the circumstances.

This is the kind of person who always puts others before herself and never has time for her own needs or wants.

In other circumstances we let all of our resentment and fury out, and we snap at those around us, including frequently the individuals we care about the most.

How can you get back on track to living the life you want?

These could be as straightforward as the options you have for how to react in a certain circumstance. The particulars you pay attention to, the lessons you learn, or the elements you decide to let go of.

When we become aware of our decisions

We learn more about ourselves. We begin to investigate our desires, our feelings of well-being, our concerns, and our recurring patterns. This could be achieved by keeping a journal, speaking with a dependable friend or coach, or scheduling regular downtime to enjoy some alone time.

We consent to ourselves. We consent to actions that are solely for us and not for anyone else. Working together is essential to transforming the world in which we live. We can all thrive and advance more than we ever could on our own when we help one another and share our travels.

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