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Raising Your Standards: Strategies for Success

People have an infinite list of things they feel they ought to do or do. And if it does happen, that’s fantastic, because these “shoulds” are about as important resolutions.

But even if it doesn’t, you kind of knew it wasn’t going to happen in the first place, so it won’t be that disappointing. To make it happen, you didn’t increase your expectations high enough.

However, what happens when you determine something is a “must” in all circumstances? What happens when you determine that your only option is to succeed when you raise your standards and choose to never accept less? By raising the bar for your life and changing “should be” into “must be,” you are undergoing an internal transformation.

  • Do your beliefs prevent you from living the life you deserve?
  • How often have you given yourself advice on what you “should” do?
  • I ought to be more assured.
  • I ought to make more money.
  • I ought to be in a more emotional connection.

Choose where to increase the standard

The majority of us have many areas in which we could improve. The three most frequent ones are fostering good relationships, locating rewarding employment, and enhancing our physical well-being.


Your standards are directly reflected in your relationship. Some people are in relationships but are unhappy because their criterion is that they must be in relationships at all costs rather than that they must be in passionate, exciting relationships that foster pure joy and love. Others could not be in a relationship because they believe that one should never suffer loss.


Your present revenue is a function of your standards, not the business climate or the state of the economy. If your norm is to take any offer that comes your way, you won’t be making the money you want, getting to the position you want, or moving up in your career. Raising your standards will increase your value.


Our standards have an impact on our health as well. Many people yearn to be more fit, healthier, or slimmer. But wanting something and actually wanting it are two different things. Set a higher bar for your health by declaring it a “must.” Remind yourself that you need to improve your health if you want to live an outstanding life.

What are some ways to increase standards?

To improve your standards and start living the life of your desires, follow these two tried-and-true steps.

Determine how you view yourself in step one

You must be prepared to do your share to raise your standards if you want true change. And the process begins by being honest with yourself about who you are. What do you believe about yourself? Your beliefs shape the world you live in.

Are you the victor? Or do you consistently lag behind? Are you the party’s life and soul? Or do you exhibit more reserve?

It’s important to respond to this question and identify your genuine self-perceptions. Because this is who you are. We are actually hard-wired to act in accordance with our values.

Since we behave in a way that is consistent with who we believe we are, we ultimately become that person.

Get over your limiting perceptions

Most people will discover that this set of self-limiting ideas was formed 10, 20, 30 or more years ago if they take a closer look at how they are currently conducting their life.

In actuality, many of us made choices about what to believe, what we are capable of, and who we are as people when we were young, and those choices govern us.

Even a year ago, are you still the same person? Humans undergo ongoing change because we are motivated by expansion and self-improvement. You naturally want to raise your standards; the only thing stopping you are your constricting beliefs.

Because of past incorrect beliefs that you have embraced, you are currently operating under a false identity.

How would you describe yourself then? When did you decide what you could and could not do with your life, and how long ago? Do you not believe that it is now time to set a higher bar, change your “shoulds” into “musts,” and create a new identity for yourself?

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