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Crafting a Life Plan: Time It Takes and Creating One

How do I build a plan for my life?

Life plans are not frequently made. To be really honest, learning is difficult. It is frequently easier to plan a project at work because we are getting paid to do it and are not as emotionally committed.

Nevertheless, creating a great life plan appears challenging. Life planning is one of the success habits that, when continuously practiced, increases the success and satisfaction of your life.

No matter how hectic life becomes, there are a few practices you can rely on to help you organize your life.

Where do I begin?

  • Beginning anew on a blank page. This often takes less time and produces a less comprehensive Life Plan because there is less organization.
  • Find something inspirational to read, watch, or listen to, and use it as a loose guide while creating your life plan.
  • Complete a comprehensive, step-by-step training curriculum that guides you through the creation of your life plan.
  • To learn how to make a life plan, you can either receive personal coaching or mentoring or go to a live event.

How much time is required to construct my life plan?

Completing your life plan well can take somewhere between 2 and 22 hours. Therefore, you should plan on finishing it in more than one sitting. The easiest method to accommodate the time needed is to schedule a multi-day or all-day trip, preferably in a stunning and inspiring setting.

A week spent exploring through the wilderness, a long day at the beach, or simply shutting yourself in your room can all be excellent ways to accomplish this. Alternately, scheduling consistent time over the course of a week or two can also assist you in crossing the finish line.

Keep in mind that your Life Plan will always be a work in progress. It will never be more than 10% of what it will be after you finish it for the first time. Expect to return to it frequently as you develop and change!

Creating a life plan

The “Goals List”

The simplest way to present your life plan is to list all of your major objectives for each area of your life and for each significant period of time.

  • Career
  • a wish list
  • Financial
  • family
  • personal
  • The “Vision Board”

A fun, original, and extremely customized approach to display your life plan is with a vision board. It can be done manually or digitally and can take on many shapes.

The “Odyssey Plan”

The Odyssey Plan, a more modern idea, uses ‘design thinking’ principles to generate various visual timelines that show:

  • What you expect to happen
  • What alternatives there would be,
  • What you anticipate happening.


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