Escaping the Stagnation Trap Tips for Overcoming Feeling Stuck in Life

How many of you find yourselves repeating past behaviors? Damaging habits from the past? How many times have you purchased a self-help book just to discover that you are still having trouble with life?

How often have you gone to therapy only to spend a year later still sitting on the therapist’s couch, only with even less money? How many times have you tried to use meditation to find the answers just to become more and more frustrated? What is left to try after you’ve tried counseling, mediation, and all the self-help books?

It’s not just you. Nearly everyone has had the experience of feeling stuck at some point in their lives. Whether it’s in their job, a relationship, or even in figuring out their next goal, most people may at some point feel trapped.

Change yourself, your outlook, your convictions, and your inner self. But watch out for your environment and the outside world. Humans are influenced by our spiritual beliefs in the same way that we are influenced by our environment. It will be much harder to recuperate, grow, or heal if your surroundings are toxic.

Changing your surroundings could entail:

  • releasing friendships that are no longer beneficial to you
  • removing narcissists from your life,
  • leaving a work where you aren’t regarded or compensated well,
  • Relocating to a more serene and quiet area, and establishing boundaries with people who don’t have any.
  • Extreme generalizations are rarely accurate.

Being stuck can appear as:

  • You don’t want to give up trying to get something you really desire, like a new job, a new relationship, or better health.
  • Locating something interesting, but persuading you not to make any efforts to get there.
  • Constantly thinking about how to make things better or different. You can’t be present and fully appreciate life while you’re filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and over-analysis.

You seem to be stuck, why?

You are past this situation. In actuality, people change throughout time. Your needs, desires, and expectations all evolve throughout time.

You worry about other people’s perceptions because even with the support of your network, some decisions can be difficult to make. Without it, the difficulty becomes more significant.

You have a break with your morals. When your values are not sufficiently present in your life, it can cause life to lose its luster.

You fear that changing could result in losing something. You can narrow down your thinking to very binary thinking, where possibilities are seen as “either/or.” Give yourself permission to consider “yes/and” thinking.

You’ve given up on the future. Our minds are potent weapons. They have the power to move us in the direction we desire to go or to fixate us in one spot.

How to unstuck

Get imaginative and design a visual depiction of your values and life goals.

Identify your core values. What matters to you? Do you place a higher emphasis on ties and loyalty than on tenacity and willpower? List your top values and check for any trends in your list.

Question to shift your viewpoint:

  • How else do I interpret this circumstance?
  • In a week, three months, or three years, how will I feel about this circumstance?

Increased levels of happy hormones can be obtained through exercise. And spending time outside and in nature is incredibly beneficial for your health. Give yourself time to collect your thoughts, and schedule a time to assess your circumstances again.

Rest, reenergize, and concentrate on self-care

Remember that you are in charge of your well-being even when things are difficult. Take the necessary steps to take care of yourself, including maintaining a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, moving around often, and maintaining relationships.

Advice for self-care:

  • Take a break from social media or electronics.
  • Make a list of gratitude
  • early bedtime
  • Go on a day of mental health
  • Do some introspection.

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