The Power of Connection – Reasons Why We Thrive in Community

Many of us are cutting ourselves apart from social interaction now more than ever before and are more aware than ever of the impact that is being felt by everyone. We do, in fact, require community.

The issue with solitude

  • The additional stress we’re all experiencing worsens the loneliness and isolation we’re experiencing.
  • Perhaps you had a restless night, have a pressing deadline at work, or your children are acting unusually difficult. You might be suffering or ill.
  • Many are dealing with layoffs, needing to fire employees, or deciding whether to open for business. People are much more stressed than usual as a result of the variety of issues they are currently dealing with.
  • And yet, for some reason, they separate themselves more when stress levels rise.

Could it be that our tendencies are keeping us apart?

Many of us unconsciously have the assumption that when things get tough, we must withdraw. We believe that we can only exist in the world after we are happy or when everyone else has it figured out.

Many of us learned as children to spread joy and keep sorrow hidden. And if that’s how you were raised, we are likely to separate ourselves even more now that stress is amplified.

So let’s discuss the necessity for community and the significance of connection.

Reasons why we all need to connect

Being able to love, be loved, and have a feeling of belonging is a part of who we are genetically and existentially. We have been programmed for love and belonging.

We believe that we should be more confident. That is partially true, but a sizable chunk of self-belief truly comes from other people.

Embrace those that have a greater sense of self-worth than you have. And it does so flawlessly.  For you to lead them in, they establish a leadership area. And you continue doing that.

It’s crucial to surround yourself with supportive individuals so that you always have someone to turn to when facing challenges at work, in your family, or in your relationships. Support can often take the form of joint problem-solving and troubleshooting and sometimes such assistance just takes the form of presence.

A group is always more effective than an individual in problem-solving. We can advance further than any single person could do on their own. And that is related to the following fourth reason:

At some time, we will all stop ourselves. Others frequently offer us the little nudge we need to develop and broaden into a realm we might not have otherwise explored. Community is necessary for that. We require those to whom we can express our intentions. They can serve as a reminder of our decisions and a motivation to follow through.

Isn’t it about time you connected?

The task at hand for you today is to make an effort to connect with someone.

Reach out and schedule a Zoom meeting with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while to talk things over.

Why not ask someone you’re friends with on social media whether they’d like to meet up?

Real leadership is more about having a reservoir of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual power to draw from than it is about having the right skills.

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